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We complete The Ultimate Tandoor Experience with Food.

Our Ethos

We cook with Abandon, Flair and Soul. Passion is our basic ingredient. We believe that Food is Best when cooked with Love.

Our Story

The Kitchen@House of Tandoor concept came about as a result of remembering when we used to enjoy food at Tandoor as regular patrons while indulging in its music and culture whether alone or with friends. When the kitchen stopped operating during the week and daytime we found ourselves faced with leaving Tandoor before we really wanted to leave because of hunger. That inspired us to commit ourselves to ensuring that there is always good food at Tandoor.

Tandoor has a soul of its own. It is home to some, church to others, stress reliever, soul-soother, office too. It is a place for togetherness organised around a common love of humanity across race, gender, nationality etc.  Each story the patrons tell about their life journey talks of love for Tandoor, precious memories of each encounter, visit, joyful moment experienced and celebrated here.

 As Africans food IMG20180622165548is central to each moment of celebration. The Kitchen@ Team is set on reviving the culture of food at Tandoor. We put heart into the quality of our food.

 Every morning we set sail to the Yeoville Market for fresh vegetables and fresh meat from the local Hyper Rocky Butchery. This has become the norm and ensures that we offer fresh food every day. We support the local community, a majority of our expenditure and services procured is on locals who are also our patrons sometimes. Our patrons are residents, tourists and visitors and lovers of Yeoville who are also our co-workers, friends, suppliers and service providers i.e. the bar team, DJ team, market traders, service providers etc.

Our Menu

Tandoor patrons are so diverse, as a result each meal is specially prepared for each patron on order. Our menu is simple and diverse enough to accommodate different tastes and cuisines and still affordable.

The Kitchen@ Team’s favourite is FishyFriday every Friday where Deep Fried Red Line Fish or Hake specials are readily available. We look forward to letting loose and getting lost in beautiful dancehall music, dancing till the morning and celebrating being alive. 


The daily menu includes fish, wings, steak served with either chips, chef’s salad or pap, gravy and vege/salad.

Beef/chicken cheese burgers are loved by youngsters; whilst certain days are dominated by vegetarian meals such as bean soup, veggie burgers, chips and chef’s salad.


Daily Coffee with fresh bakes, sandwiches and cake of the day on weekends are our best sellers.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays we prepare spaghetti and mince and vegetarian pasta meals which are also favourite with the bar team.


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We also have Sunday Fest every Sunday which is characterised by a homely soulful meal just the way we would have it at Home with sounds of Afro jazz and Reggae music filling our hearts with nostalgia. These have become popular for regular patrons who do not have the time to cook elaborate meals at their homes. They signify being home and having balanced meals cooked with love. 

We deliver through UberEats and Orderin for the convenience of our customers.

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All Africans unite in Yeoville.

The House of Tandoor, Home of Reggae Music, is synonymous with knowing that when we are in this city, there is one place where we can go for safety, to find peace, solace and love; knowing that chances are we just might bump into one of our own, and maybe, just maybe, feel at home too in the wilderness of the city of Johannesburg.

What is a good Home without Good Home Food?